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How can I book a self drive car from Urban Drive?

  • Booking with us is very simple. You can book a self-drive car through Website or App or give us a call at +91-9773-881-881. You need to select your trip start date and time, end date and time and model. Once we receive your payment, we will send confirmation email for your booking.
  • What all information do I need to provide to book a self drive car?

  • You need to fill your full name, phone number, email id in addition to uploading of your valid Driving license (should be more than a year old ) and two valid Id proof (Passport, Aadhar Card, Voter ID or Pan Card) at the time of booking. You need to produce the same original documents at the time of receiving the car.
  • Can I create a booking for my friend or family member?

  • Yes, you can create a booking for your friend or a family member. You need to submit your documents in addition to your friend or a family member’s documents (Either at the time of booking or at the time of receiving the car).Liability will be borne by the person who has made the booking.
  • Can my co-passengers drive car during the trip?

  • Yes, co-passengers also known as additional drivers are allowed to drive the car during a trip but you need to take written permission through email/message from our support team. There is no charge for this service.
  • What is the minimum booking duration?

  • The car can be booked for a period of minimum 24 hours.
  • How much in advance do I need to make a booking?

  • You can make a reservation 24 hrs in advance to your start time, subject to availability of the car.
  • How can I pre-pone my start time?

  • In case you want to pre-pone your start time, you can do the same from App or give a call to our support team (+91-9773-881-881). Amendment will be subject to the availability of the car.
  • How can I modify/extend my booking?

    • In the case of modification or extension, you can do the same from your mobile App or give a call to our support team (+91-9773-881-881). You can extend your booking before 3 hours of your end time. Extension charges will be applicable as follows:-
    1. If you don’text end/modify your booking before 3hours of your end time, then twice the normal fare will be applicable for the total hour extended by you.
    2. In case you informed before 3 hours of your end time to our support team, then booking will be extended on below conditions : -
      1. If the car is available, then the normal charge will be applicable.
      2. If the car is not available, then you will not be able to extend your booking, even if you choose to return the car late, then Normal charge*2 times will be applicable for total extended hour.

    Will I get any refund/discount if I return the car before my end time?

    • You can return the car early but no refund will be applicable for unutilized hour. You can request for pickup before your end time at our support team (+91-9773-881-881).

    What are the Urban Drive cancellation charges and cancellation policy?

    • You can cancel your booking through website, app or support team. Cancellation charges will be applicable as per cancellation policy which is as follows:-
    1. If Cancellation is done before 24 hours from the booking start time, 10% of the base fare will be charged as cancellation fees.
    2. If Cancellation is done in less than 24 hours from the booking start time, 50% of the base fare or 1-day Rental (whichever is higher) will be charged as cancellation fees.
    3. If Booking is cancelled due to violation of policy, then 10% of the base fare will be charged as cancellation fees.

    What should I do if I do not receive the car on time?

    • We try our best to deliver car on time. In case you don’t receive the car on time, Please give a call to our Support team (+91-9773-881-881).

    Which geographical areas are prohibited for Self Drive car?

    • Our vehicles are not allowed to be driven in off-road conditions (sandy, rocky terrain, Ladakh, Jammu Kashmir, Sand dunes, Badrinath, Kedarnath etc). In case, they are taken on such conditions without information, security amount shall be forfeited in full and 2 times of the base fare will be charged from customer.

    Am I authorized to take Self Drive car to any other country?

    • All our cars are having all India permit. However, you are not allowed to take Self-drive car to other countries including Nepal, Bhutan etc. If the car is taken outside India without taking approval from Urban Drive, then the entire liability will be on the customer till the car is returned to the same location (where customer has received the car).

    Can I return the car to any other location (within the same city)?

    • Yes, you can return the car to other locations (within the same city) but that has to be informed at the time of booking. The location should be within our serviceable area.
    • In case you want to return outside the serviceable area, then the actual cost of bringing the car to the respective hub along with Rs.2000.00, plus an hourly rate for the extended hour with late charges and fuel charges will be charged till the car is received by the respective hub.

    Does Urban Drive work 24*7?

    • Yes, our support team is available 24*7 for customer queries. Customer can pick car from our hub at any time of the day (24*7) but delivery/pickup from customer location is not possible between 12 AM to 5 AM.

    Are pets allowed in the Self Drive car?

    • We love pets, however they are not allowed inside our vehicle.

    How can I know the charges at the time of returning the car?

    • You are requested to check the checklist properly before signing at the time of receiving/returning the car. Any charges will be calculated on the basis of checklist signed by the Renter at the time of receiving the car and returning the car. In case, Renter doesn’t sign the checklist, then Renter has needs to pay all the charges levied by Urban Drive. An Invoice will be generated within 24 hours after booking end time. Damage charges will be applicable as per the maintenance team.

    Is there is any per day km cap or is it unlimited?

    • Urban Drive provides two types of Plans for Self Drive, i.e., Limited as well as Unlimited. You can drive unlimited KM if you have chosen the unlimited KM plan during booking. In case of Limited KM Plan, it is capped to 10 free KM per hour (exclusive of fuel).

    Can you deliver the car to my home/hotel address?

    • Yes, we deliver the car to your home/hotel address (within the serviceable area). Nominal delivery/pickup charges will be applicable.

Do I need to sign an agreement?

  • Yes, you need to sign a rental agreement and a car checklist at the time of receiving the car.

What is the eligibility to hire a self drive car?

  • For taking a self drive car from Urban Drive, you should have attained minimum 23 years of age and should have at least 1 year of driving experience with valid DL and two ID proof (Aadhar Card, Pan Card, Voter Id or Passport).

What type of Driver’s License is required to drive Urban Drive Self Drive car?

  • You need to have Indian driving license issue by RTO or an International Driver Permit along with driving License (In case you do not have India Driving license).The license should have been issued for the light motor vehicle (car).

Do I need to produce original Driving license and ID at the time of receiving the car?

  • Yes, you are requested to produce original driving license, and two Ids (Aadhar Card, Pan Card, Voter Id or Passport) provided at the time of booking.

What happens if I am not able to produce my original documents at the time of receiving the car?

  • In case you are not able to produce your original documents at the time of receiving the car, your booking will be cancelled and cancellation charges will be applicable as per policy.

Can I change my car model?

  • Yes, you can change your model depending on the availability. In case of up-gradation to higher model, you need to pay difference amount. You cannot downgrade your model once the booking is confirmed.

When does my Booking starts?

  • Your booking starts from the date and time entered at the time of booking. In case of home delivery or pickup, start KM and time will be calculated from our garage back to our garage.

What do I need to check before signing the checklist?

  • You are advised to check all elements which are written in the checklist. We advise you to take picture or video of the car before signing the checklist. This will help you to overcome any confusion for any damage at the time of pickup.

Does Urban Drive provide manual or Automatic Transmission car?

  • We have mix variants of manual and automatic Transmission cars which depend on Model. Please check this carefully at the time of selecting the model.

What is the maximum speed Limit for driving a Self Drive car?

  • Speed limit differs for all the highways in India. In case there is no limit on any highway, Renter cannot drive for more than 120 Km/hr. In case speed limit is crossed, it will be treated as over speeding and below penalty will be charged.
  1. 1st Instance > 120km/hr or Highway speed limit. - INR 2500 + GOVT. fines (if any) plus expulsion from Urban Drive if it happens again in the next booking.
  2. 2nd Instance > 120km/hr or Highway speed limit - INR 2500 + GOVT. fines (if any) plus expulsion from Urban Drive.
  3. >= 130 km/hr or Highway speed limit. - INR 2500 + GOVT. fines (if any) plus expulsion from Urban Drive.

What is the fuel policy in Urban Drive?

  • Urban Drive provides the car with a full tank and accepts in full tank. In case, you do not return the car in full tank, then fuel charges will be charged from your security/collected at the time of return for the exact fuel filled in the car to match with the fuel percentage at the time of delivery

Who Pays for Parking/State Tax/Toll tax/MCD?

  • You need to pay for all of these charges.

Is Smoking or drinking inside the car is allowed in Self Drive car?

  • No, Smoking and Drinking are not allowed inside the self drive car. In case of any violation, you will be charged as per the Indian Motor vehicle act.

Do I need to pay cleaning charges?

  • We give clean cars and expect the same from you at the time of return. Uncleansed cars at the time of pickup will be charged Rs.1000 for cleaning.

How can I collect my belongings if left in the car at the time of return?

  • In case, you left any of your belongings in the car, please do contact our support team who will try best to recover your belongings.

What are the documents required for crossing the State Border?

  • You need to have your original driving license with original car’s registration book, all India permit, car fitness, Insurance copy, self drive license copy and Inter-State tax receipt. Please make sure you pay Interstate tax at the border before entering any state.

What do I need to do if my car breaks down or meet with an accident?

  • In case, car got breakdown or met with an accident, please be calm and give a call to our support team (+91-9773-881-881). In the case of mechanical breakdown, if replacement can be arranged, the same would be provided. In case it is deemed of getting car repaired locally by the Customer is the best option, then Urban Drives will authorize you over email, text or WhatsApp to get the car repaired locally and reimburse repair charges in the final bill. Within city limits, Urban Drives will dispatch mobile maintenance van or replacement car or both. Rest of the terms as mentioned in the Rental
  • Please do not leave the scene of the accident until proper support has arrived. You may be required to sign several formality documents associated with the accident.

What happens in case of damage?

  • In case of Accident, Internal or External damage to the car during the return, calculation will be made on the number of estimated days rented due to the car is in workshop or damages up to maximum liability of Rs.20000.00 or security deposit (whichever is higher). The assessment of damage made by Urban Drive will be final.
  • In case of below situation, you will be liable to pay the damage charges in full.
    1. When you are found to be under the influence of alcohol/narcotics while driving.
    2. When you are over-Speeding
    3. When you are in violation of traffic rules or the motor vehicle Act (for example, if you have not paid the interstate tax while crossing the state border).
    4. When the number of people in the car at the time of incident exceeds the standard seating capacity of the car.
    5. When the workshop and/ or insurance company deem the damage to be consequential in nature (this will be stated in the accident report).Consequential damages occur when you continue to drive the vehicle even when it is performing abnormally.
    6. When there is a misrepresentation of information in the driving license and ID proof details shared by you.

    What do I need to do if the car gets stolen?

    • You need to call our support team (+91-9773-881-881) immediately. In case of theft / total loss of the car during the Hire Period, you shall be liable to bear damages as specified in the Agreement. Damage charges will be applicable in case of theft.

    What happens in case the car gets damaged due to negligence?

    • You shall be liable to pay charges as stipulated in the schedule of charges mentioned as part of the Agreement.

Which mode of payment is accepted by Urban Drive?

  • Urban Drive accepts payment through Credit card, Debit card, Wallet, Net banking and UPI. You are requested to make a payment in advance through app or website or link shared by our support team. We do not accept cash as a mode of payment.

Is there any other tax, which I need to pay?

  • Yes, you need to pay 18% GST.

Is security deposit same for all models?

  • No, security deposits vary as per the model.

How will I get the refund for my balance amount?

  • Urban Drive will refund the amount in the same account through which customer has made the payment during booking.

After how many days will I get my refund?

  • Urban Drivewill release the invoice within 24 hours of the end timeof yourbooking. It usually takes 7-10 working days for a bank to credit the same to your account.

How will I get my Invoice/bill?

  • An invoice will be emailed to your registered email id.